Zwarte Piet in Black and White at the Abadi Art Space, Delhi


Untitled from the series Zwarte Piet © Anna Fox

Black and White

Black and white are opposing colours, concepts and meanings.

Concepts of black and white become political in the context of race, discrimination and counter-struggle.

Black is associated with darkness, seriousness, and mourning in Western cultures.
White is related to purity, light, cleanness and death in Asian cultures.
The ying and yang, the polarity of Good and Evil.

Shani Dev for black and Sveta for white

Black and white as a combination is associated with the photography, cinema, television and newspapers produced before colour technology.

The Black and White exhibition explores a picture composed with lights and shadows, like a chiaroscuro painting in a white cube.
Artists: Anne Fox, Vineet Kumar, Sedeep Bispass,

Prashast Kachru, Aharon Rothschild
Invited Guest :
Diepiriye Kuku-Siemons, MPH

Ethnographer, Social Media Consultant, Choreographer

Jose Abad


Abadi Art Space

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