Cockroach Diary appears in Nothing is in the Place at Brighton Fringe

Photograph from the series Cockroach Diary 1996 – 1999 ©Anna Fox

Nothing is in the Place

AVI, Anonymous (Value Action), Donald Christie, Vicki Churchill, Brett Dee, Nigel Dickinson, Chris Dyer, Jason Evans, Anna Fox, Ken Grant, Nick Knight, Mark Lally, Clive Landen, Gordon MacDonald, Martin Parr, Vinca Petersen, Mark Power, Paul Reas, Richard Sawdon-Smith, Helen Sear, Paul Seawright, Nigel Shafran, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nick Waplington, Jack Webb, Tom Wood, Dan Wootton.
A curatorial project by Jason Evans.

2 Oct – 14 Nov
Fri – Sun 12.00 – 17.00

Fringe Focus
The Old Co-op Building
94-101 London Road
Brighton BN1 4LB

Nothing is in the Place is a subjective survey that remembers life in 1990’s Britain. The show is an introduction to some of the photography that was made at that time offering glimpses of political unrest, social upheaval and analogue youth culture. Everyday lows jostle with esoteric highs to create a compulsive parade. The show is presented in a modular, editorial style and the photographers featured generously allowed the curator to make new versions of their work, often very different from the original contexts and formats intended for the images.

Nothing is in the Place was first seen at Gallery of Contemporary Art Bunkier Sztuki as part of the Photomonth Krakow 2010.